No matter how simple or complex your life may seem, taxes never fail to get in the way.  From large to small, every client receives the same quality attentiveness that they deserve from our professional team.  Industry leaders and their families turn to us before making life decisions, from an annual IRA contribution to sophisticated estate and trust matters.  Malvin, Riggins & Company, P.C. listens, is visionary, and instrumental in minimizing your tax burden for a lifetime.  With clients worldwide, we maintain relationships for a lifetime for a reason.

Specializing in small to mid-tier closely-held entities, nonprofits and community associations, individual taxation, as well as estates and trusts, we have an expert waiting to build trust with you.

  • Individuals & Families
  • LGBT & Non-Traditional Family
  • Nonprofit Entities
  • Partnerships & Corporations
  • Estate, Trust & Gift
  • Employee Benefit Plan
  • Annual Strategic Planning
  • IRS, State & Local Representation

“Quite often my tax returns have proved to be more difficult. Redemption of stock options, K1 forms and foreign investments with applicable federal and state tax are areas where a truly qualified team of CPAs is mandatory. Fred Malvin has consistently demonstrated professionalism, competency and friendly service. Anyone can file your tax returns. I want my CPA to prepare honest, legal returns and save me money”

– Bill F.